Survey Privacy Statement

Information about you: how we use it and with whom we share it.

Who we are

The Market Insight Team within the Communication and Marketing Department, University of Edinburgh.

Why we are collecting data

We conduct surveys to gain an insight into key areas of legitimate interest to the University. The purpose of the survey will be described in the email and/or introductory text you have received.

Data we collect and who has access

The survey data we collect will be completely anonymous at the reporting stage and your responses will not be attributed to you personally unless you give us permission otherwise.

Survey reporting is carried out at aggregate level for quantitative data (statistical) where your individual data is not identifiable. For qualitative data (e.g. open responses to questions) we often select comments to include within reports but these would be anonymous unless you have given your permission otherwise.

The personal data we collect is only accessible to the Market Insight Team within the Communications and Marketing Department and would only be shared if you have given specific permission.

Should it be applicable, we may append additional administrative information to the responses we receive, to permit further aggregate analysis.

How we collect your information

We use various software to collect information:

Survey Monkey (Global Company - Momentive)

Momentive has data centres in the US, Ireland, and Canada. Most European customer data lives on servers in the US (see Privacy Notice). They rely on inter-company agreements including standard contractual clauses to transfer personal data to servers in the US maintained by their US parent company, Momentive Inc.

Online Surveys

All data is stored within Amazon Web Services (AWS), within the Republic of Ireland. Certified to ISO 27001 standard. Further information about security can be found  here.

How we protect your data

All data that we collect is held securely and treated as confidential.

We will hold the personal data you have provided for 12 months following the completion of the research project.

What if I have any concerns?

We aim to be transparent about the way we process your personal data but we understand that you may still have questions or concerns. If there is anything you are unclear about or would like to discuss then please contact: 

Alternatively, you can contact the University’s Data Protection Officer via

If you remain dissatisfied then you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office. Further advice on how you can raise a concern with us, or escalate a matter to the ICO, is available via the ICO website.

ICO Website 

For further details of the University’s Privacy notice see:

Privacy Notice